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how does the cleaning work?

you will have weekly cleaning of the common spaces and every house will have his own rules to follow during the other days, for example the issue of garbage. moreover, to keep everything under control, there is an internal regulation which consists in some rules, like the dishes have to be cleaned straight after the use. and the cleaning of the rooms is up to the coliver who stays in the room.

how are the collective tasks devided?

when you start living in an oka you will have to do a starting meeting to get to know the rules of the apartement. here we will discuss the pricipal point of the house, evaluating the needs of everyone of the colivers, and we co-create solutions to make everyone feel at home. every apartment has its own dinamics, further than our internal regulation.

do I have to furnish my room?

it depends on the room. some of them are already furnished and some are not. but the most interesting thing is that you can personalize your room as you wish. and if you need some specific forniture, we can check if we already have something, we will do everything we can to help you.

which costs are not included?

you will pay only once, including the cost of: rent, water, electricity, gas, iptu, condominium and wi-fi. so you won't have to worry about the basic needs.

do I need a bondsman?

no. if you will pass the initial filter and the selection process, we will only ask you for a deposit, so you will have to pay the rent of the first month twice, so that we can have a guarantee money in case that we will have to repare something in your room when you will relocate.

can I have visits?

yes! crush, bff, mother, father, cousin, brother, boyfriend, whoever you want. we think that all the persons that connects with us shares the same values. the important thing is to respect the sense of community! however, if your host starts to frequent the house a lot, you will have to do a formal register  in your contract with all the informations about you're host.

do you have space for couples at oka?

yes! it's the same thing as for the visits. so if the two of you want to stay in the same room there is an article for the value of the rent and the two of you will have a contract.

do people interact inside the oka?

yes, inclusive between different oka. but it depends on the specificity of every house and on the disponibility of the colivers. there are okas who created a real community, sharing the meals and the buys at the supermarket, spending time together. there are okas more focused on professional life, which receive better the individual moments of everyone. that's why we have a selective process to best equilibrate the armony and the events for the integration between all the okas, and the create the perfect community to live in together. check our instagram @okacoliving to get to know our daily life.

which is the difference between an oka coliving and a student republic?

at oka we have a selection process, to create armony and security. and we have a talented team, composed by 5 people that will take care of all the burocratic problems you might have but also to follow you during this experience. we have a internal regulation that all the okas must follow. and we also have some benefits and a network of partners to enjoy many local opportunities and events for all the colivers and favourite aggregates <3

are there some events for the community?

of course, we love to celebrate! we organize many dinners, karaokes, cinema nights, workshops, language classes, activities like yoga and dance classes, everything to let you understand that  #morarjuntinho (live in a community) > morarsozinho (live alone).

can I bring my pet with me?

unfortunately for some cleaning reasons and because of the different lifestyles we have in our community we don't allow to bring pets. anyways, exists a day “dia do pet na oka” in which the okas open their doors to receive all your pets.

how much time does the contract last?

our contracts have a duration of minimum 6 months, but you can change it without additional costs with an advice of 2 months. 

in which neighborhoods are the okas?

moinhos de vento, cidade baixa and bom fim in porto alegre/rs.

is there any selection process? which are the selection standards?

yes, we select our colivers, and this is our biggest secrect for success. for every vancant room we have we open a selective process that last a week, devided in three parts. first, the person who is intrested has to answer the survey our menagers prepared to know more about you, what do you do, if you have already done a similar experience, if you are willing to respect the rules of conviviality, and others. in this first part, our menagers of oka will decide if the applicant is good to skip to the second part. we will assure that the profile is compatible with the oka community. the second part, consists in visiting the coliving in a scheduled timetable , to see the room where he will stay. if he is still intrested, he passes to the third part, in which we decide which candidate takes the room (as we usually have many candidates per room) this will be up to the colivers which are already living in the oka, they will debate and choose which one will be the new member of the house.