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everything begun in 1972, in Denmark, with a community of 35 families. the idea was to provide for every family a private room, and shared spaces to live in – to estimulate the interaction between neighbours. this community still exists, and it's a global reference for urbanism.

from the original concept of cohousing (every family with his own house, only sharing the common spaces) derivated the idea of coliving, concept that means that every inhabitant has a private room but shares every other space of the house with the other colivers.

it's simple: one house, and many inhabitants that never met before. every person rents a room, and we take care of everything else. in the rental price are included all the expenses of the house, our team is here to take care of your daily experience, weekly cleaning and many others addictional services. 



shared apartements in an intentional, organized and cooperative way.

the future of residences. we love this theme.

habitations for coliving will stop from being a trend for the future of residences of the biggest urban centers, coliving is the present. the explanation is very simple: share the apartment with a community in synergy representing not only an economy of the physical space, to decelerate the proccess of verticalisation of the cities, but also an economy about the cost of life at the end of the month.

we are living with a generation of young people who question the social structures that don't work, so why do we need to mantain a whole apartment to live all alone, if we stay the most of our time outside the house?


living alone is loosing meaning, in a financial point of view and also in a ambiental prospective: to share the comsumption of water, light, energy and other services would be a big step to get closer to a reduction of wastes. 


sharing the routine with someone is a constant exercise of cooperation. without even realizing we are going to improve our habilities of team work and communication, looking forward to live an easier, happier and more convenient every day life.

it's also a stimulus to create a cooperative economy: sharing objects and supplies, but also transport and organisation of domestic tasks are just some examples of the effects created by a new life in our network.

to live in a coliving means having an interesting and concerned community always available for you.

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