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our DNA comes from a restive generation who decided to transform the stuctures we don't need anymore. for this reason, we founded Oka: a platform to create useful connections. we want to get in touch with group of people looking for, just like us, an easier and sustainable life - based on a strong community and sense of belonging. 

our purpuse as a company has deep connection with the native brasilian culture, a culture which taught us how to live in armony, respecting other people and nature, but also how to live in peace and balance with other people and families of the same oka community.


we are a small number, but we love what we do: we are passionated about creating a new economy, innovating and developping a new  concept of community.


our headquarter is located in Porto Alegre, because we think that Porto Alegre has many things to offer and many opportunities to develop.  we want to be part of this changes, and we are slowly expanding in some of the most beautiful neighborhoods of the city, like Moinhos de Vento, Bom Fim and Cidade Baixa.

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